Driftwood Farms Wedding

001_3033The forecast was threatening a huge storm, but that would not put a damper on Ariella and Russell’s special day.  These lovebirds, and all of their friends and family, certainly know how to have a good time and did not hesitate for a moment once the awesome band, Hank Lane Music, struck their first chord.  The bride even had a late night wardrobe change, showing off some crazy awesome party shoes.  Driftwood Farms is a truly special venue, and even though the winds were strong that day, we still managed to get out and about to capture some moments of Ariella and Russ around the property.  All of the details were spot on and complimentary to the refined, yet rustic, location.  Creative Courses Catering served a delectable meal, followed by 2 delicious cakes by Rachel Cronemeyer Cakes & Confections, one carrot cake and the other a cheese wheel cake.  But most delicious of all were the candid moments that filled their day.  I still well up when I look at the picture of Ariella’s tear filled eyes during the ceremony.  And it’s impossible not to smile when looking at Russells’ reaction to seeing Ariella for the first time as he holds his head because his mind is clearly blown away in that moment.  She is stunning.  And then there was the reception in the barn…it’s a good thing they had the best of the best for lighting, Matt Murphy, because Ari got the ambitious idea to commission a Brooklyn based artist to make the gigantic Morrocan style paper lanterns to hang above the dance floor.  Gorgeous.  The evening went on and was filled with fun and love, including a  performance by Russ’ talented daughter, Hope, which had everyone in awe, and then a toast by Russ with his two sons.  The neon glow glasses and wings came out and the rest is history….


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