Salt Air Farm

The Pollina Family 082014_047This is the family that, when before you have kids you see their pictures and say “I want that someday.”  Their love is truly reflected in their beautiful happy children.  And I just had to start this post with little ham Alexa and her weeping willow wig because it’s just awesome. Mom, Nicole, has always loved Salt Air Farm in New Suffolk…what’s not to love really?!  It’s definitely one of the most beautiful locations on the North Fork, with its billowing hydrangeas, magical weeping willows, wild flowers and historic barns.  The Pollina’s also happen to be great friends which I think really comes through in their pics.  We had so much fun frolicking around the farm!  And baby Max, well, he just melts me every time with that smile!!  Here is just a small selection of the many great pics we got on a beautiful August afternoon.  enjoy!

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