Historic Mansion Wedding

cl-1The Village Club of Sands Point is an amazing mansion built in 1916 by the esteemed Isaac Guggenheim, with rich architectural design and grand landscaping to match…clearly.  Above, this was one of my favorite moments, an instance as the ground begins to slope and he lifts her train just enough to peek at her classic and timeless white heels.  The symmetry and balance, I feel, depicts Christine and Luke well…each others equal part, balancing one another and creating a greater whole.  High school sweet hearts and best friends for ages, their depth of love and ease is revealed each time they look at one another.  It was such a joy working with them and their wonderful families, and it felt as though we were spending this special day with old friends.  Christine’s gift to Luke was waiting for their arrival to the reception…a shiny new tandem Schwinn bike (the perfect gift for these avid cyclists/lovers!).  The band really kicked off the party in the atrium as the newlyweds made their entrance and the dancing began, including an Irish step dancing performance by a very lovely young lady.  There was birthday cake and fantastic toasts, plenty of laughter and a mansion bursting with love.  Enjoy Christine and Luke 1

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