Hoppily Ever After

JACLYN & ANDREW                                    September 8, 2012, Hallockville Museum Farm

What an AMAZING wedding!!!!  The best way I could describe their wedding was that there was an overwhelming sense of “fullness” right from the beginning…a day rich with emotion, beautiful families, great food, purity and greatness.  I decided to post the above image first because I feel like it speaks volumes about Jaclyn & Andrew’s wedding day…simple, good taste at its best, their closeness and ease with one another and their shared love for beer!  Along with their marriage, this year marks the start of their business collaborative, Farm to Pint, where they grow the most beautiful hops on the North Fork to help nurture the local craft beer movement.

As the girls were getting ready the bride’s sister pulled me aside to let me in on a secret.  Jaclyn wasn’t planning on arriving in anything other than her family minivan, so they decided to get a limousine to pick her up…but it gets better…the limo would take her to the hop yard where her dad would be waiting for her with yet another surprise.  As she arrived into the hop yard and passed the “hoppily ever after” sign, there was dad with the coolest ever vintage Ford Woody surf wagon (in case you missed the engagement shoot post, Jaclyn & Andrew spend half their year in Maui, so surfing is certainly part of their lifestyle).  Awesome.

The whole day was filled with beautiful and thoughtful details.  Getting ready, Jaclyn sat in her royal purple satin robe, rolling red coral beads in between her fingers (reads: Open and Active. 1st & 2nd chakras….fire & water energy balance into harmony).  An orchid in her hair is symbolic of her mother’s wedding day bouquet, and hops adorned the entire bridal party in bouquets, boutonnieres and the ring bearer’s pillow.  Rich accents of red, orange and purple popped throughout the scene. The historic barn was transformed with playful paper lanterns and whimsical paper chain links made from sheet music (clever!).

I could go on about the beauty of this day, but just look.  Here is just a taste of it…  Make sure to check out the slideshow (click on Jaclyn & Andrew under LINKS) in addition to my favorites shown below.