Kind Words

Dear Caroline,
Though our wedding day already seems like a season ago, I’ve been wanting to reach out to you and let you know how grateful I am that you could share the day with us. Even before seeing any of your pictures, which, I KNOW, will be beautiful. Your presence as our photographer was perfect. I was particularly grateful that in the few hours before the ceremony you were enthusiastic yet calm. You have such a grace about you. And then afterwards you were quick to round up and get all the shots we ‘needed’ so we could actually enjoy our cocktail party.
You were the perfect presence when we needed you (calm in the readying process and clear and direct for the wedding party and family pictures…!) and, it would seem, an expert in photo journalism to be so unnoticed when we’d become so immersed in either the ceremony or our crazy dancing.
Thank you so much for sharing the day with us. We haven’t even seen all your photos and I’m already happy we chose you.

With love and gratitude,

Margaux & Mike



“Whoa. That is all I can say right now….
I called Keith – he is in the city for work today – and we both opened the link on our separate computers and scrolled through the photos. They are truly amazing. Not a surprise. You captured our spirit and the energy of the day perfectly.
I cannot thank you enough – you’ve given us an amazing gift; one of the most special days of our lives captured forever. I will be floating on air all day today and cannot wait to get home to kiss my husband. Thank you, thank you xoxox”

Vanessa & Keith



“AHHHHHH Caroline, this is so amazing!!!!!!! I kind of want to go home sick and just stare at them all day! I was so nervous about the weather, and you can’t even tell it was nasty out. I actually love how the sky looks. You’re the best! It was such a great day, and I’m so happy you were there for it. Everyone I’ve heard from raved about how amazing you and your assistant were, and now we have the pictures to prove it! I love every single one of them.”

[a little while later…]

“! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Losing my mind more and more with each one ! ! ! ! !

I love these so much. Just so much. I am legit crying at my desk at work! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.”

Aly & Jason