North Fork Beach Wedding

Caitlyn and Michael kept things real simple…with only their immediate family present, we met at this beautiful North Fork beach where they exchanged their promises to one another.  The sun kissed the day goodnight and the piping plovers dashed about, chattering away as they do.  Fisherman cast their hopeful lines and boats returned home to the inlet, and the air rested peacefully on the newlyweds as they adored one another and their growing baby in Caitlyn’s belly.  It can feel like magic when everything falls in place just so, everything in perfect synchrony, but I think it’s really the love of spirit(s) passed being present, moving clouds and sharing their love through light.  I’m just lucky enough to have my camera!  Enjoy a small collection from Caitlyn and Michael’s intimate North Fork Beach Wedding.

Caitlyn and Michael 1 Caitlyn and Michael 2

Caitlyn and Michael 3 Caitlyn and Michael 4 Caitlyn and Michael 5 c&M 070315_127