Proposal : Krista & Joe

002_5797It’s a day that so many girls dream about…when Prince Charming gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage.  Well Krista’s man, Joe, goes one step further and has the foresight to have this epic occasion photographed to give her the moment forever.

It really could not have been any more romantic…just look at this spot!  I was “disguised” in plain sight as a photographer for the new winery, Kontokosta, obviously working on promotional images for the business..wink wink.  I walked out to the bluff and waited for them to make their way.  Joe cleverly asked me take a snap of them with his phone before I pretended to head back inside.  They moseyed toward the bluffs and then…yay!!  Krista gasps, burying her face in her hand from shock, then laughter, feeling her heartbeat as all of her sheer joy seems to beam & exit through her wildly blowing hair, and then everything rests in perfect peace as they pull close to one another for a kiss.

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