Proposal : Bari & Blake

110913_348I got a phone call from Bari’s father on Friday, asking me to go to  Bedell on Saturday to capture Blake’s marriage proposal to her.  I got to the vineyard and discovered that they were alone up in the loft, which is basically like a tiny little nest overlooking the tasting room with only point of access…not exactly easy to go unnoticed!  Nonetheless, I lingered nearby, peeking through small openings and appearing to everyone else in the tasting room to be some kind of strange stalker. But Holy Cow was it awesome to capture the moment as it went down!  He got on one knee and I quickly hopped up the stairs a bit closer…I could have literally been 2 feet away from her at that point and she wouldn’t have noticed me.  Crazy Exciting.  And then, as if it couldn’t get any better…. as they stood at the top of their stairs, in a heaven of their own, their families began to make their way up the stairs to surprise Bari yet again!  It was such a wonderful celebration, shared with their families, and what an amazing honor to be there and capture such raw emotion.  I can’t help but smile from ear to ear every time I look at these photos.   110913_017 110913_024 110913_038 110913_109 110913_104 110913_130 110913_261 110913_131 110913_121 110913_145 110913_146 110913_148 110913_174 110913_225 110913_258 110913_205 110913_274 110913_341 110913_390 110913_347 110913_372 110913_386 110913_509 110913_513 110913_319 110913_311 110913_481 110913_435 110913_410 110913_495 110913_496