The Old Field Vineyard Wedding

Laura & Carl                                                                                                         July 7, 2013 002_1615

Is this not pure bliss?!?!  She gracefully draped her arms around his shoulders…they danced together as husband and wife, she closed her eyes, he admired his lady, and everything was perfect. The words (a song by Colin Hay)… “and if I lived ’til I was 102, I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you”… froze this moment in time.  You could imagine the future, the past, and everything was present in that purely blissful moment.

With their beautiful son, Otis, they consecrated their love for one another at the very place they fell in love.  The Old Field Vineyard is an incredible wedding site and what’s most special about it is that it’s an actual home and working farm.  Reverend Brad Learmonth led one of  the most spiritual ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.  Adapted from Buddhist tradition, the ceremony was opened and closed with a Tibetan singing bowl used as a bell, reminiscent of a gong.  They also used African Kente cloth to honor Laura’s heritage in a hand-binding ritual which is rooted in early Christian Celtic ceremonies. Carl’s mother brought scripture from the bible and Laura’s father brilliantly recited a poem.

Their Sunday afternoon wedding was enjoyed on the lawn beneath the gigantic weeping beach nut tree and soaking in the breeze off Peconic Bay on this steamy July day.  The Southold Fish Market satisfied the craving for raw local shellfish to pair with the vineyard’s wine, while the pizza truck kept things light and served up a variety of delicious pies.  The little ones kept busy at the wonderfully enticing kid table, complete with crayons, animal masks, bubbles, and colorful windmills.  It could not have been a more perfect party.

Kudos and Thanks to: Ashley O’Neil Events, Reverend Brad Learmonth, Rolling In Dough Pizza Truck, Southold Fish Market Raw Bar, Rachel Cronemeyer Cakes & Confections, Carl for handcrafting his own wedding band, and Laura for being an amazing mama and a beautiful soul!

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