Hi, I'm Caroline

Thanks so much for being here. It is my hope that my images will convey to you the love that I have for the organic beauty in genuine moments portraying life. I am deeply interested in relationships among family and friends and those unique interactions that, in part, define who we are. It is a true honor to be invited to tell these stories through my photographs and I always approach each and every day with the reverence it deserves.


In 2007 I earned my BFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. Having the freedom of an interdisciplinary program, I explored various mediums but focused largely on classical drawing techniques with an emphasis on conceptual and contemporary art. Photography, however, became an integral part of my creative process. In short, my work in Boston ultimately honed in on natural human behaviors extracted from raw photographs, revealing fleeting moments that reveal emotions with profound depth. This led to a very natural progression of working with people as they arrive at emotional points on their own respective life journeys.


I have had the pleasure of photographing a multitude of subjects over the course of my career. Among those are weddings, families, milestone celebrations, various private and corporate events, professional portraits, and business & brand work. Whether it's photographing people or still life, I always look through the lens with my fine art background and a storytelling sensibility, considering the light, composition and the connection between subject, artist and viewer.


I grew up in East Setauket and spent summers in Montauk with my family until we made the move to the North Fork when I was in the middle school. My childhood summer memories are so vivid and tactile... the smell of beach roses, honeysuckle and wild grapes, the feeling of sand in my hair, the sound of the distant buoy bell lulling me to sleep. It's the potency of those memories that continues to inspire me. I have so much love, personally, for both of the forks and I am forever grateful to call the East End my home.

In 2011 I married my age old love and we now have three beautiful children, two awesome dogs, a super sweet cat, and an eclectic flock of backyard birds. We are always thoroughly enjoying the pleasures of our North Fork home surrounded by beautiful beaches or we can be found savoring the serenity of our cabin deep in the woods of the Catskills.


My greatest passion lies in the creative process and, in my experience, childbirth is the Holy Grail. I gave birth to all three of my children in the love and comfort of my own home and those experiences were all uniquely transformative and brilliantly beautiful, to say the least. I am a proud advocate for natural childbirth and it is my joy and pleasure to talk with other women about this sacred art and rite of passage.

I like being outdoors and in nature with my family, going hiking, skiing, sailing or beach hopping. As a family, we enjoy foraging and all of the pleasures and joy that it offers. I value good food and plant medicine, but I also have a relentless sweet tooth. I feed the birds and I love the bees. And I also like magic...especially the real kind.


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